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BUTT GmbH – yard ramps & industrial doors

Docking buffer

BUTT docking buffers for the ideal approach to BUTT dock levellers, BUTT loading platforms or BUTT mobile yard ramps.

We offer a range of designs to suit your needs!


Reliable protection for HGVs, swap bodies and buildings

Environmentally friendly, very robust and shock-absorbent

Durable quality products, value for money

Heavy-duty docking buffers

BUTT heavy-duty docking buffers made from highly abrasion-resistant rubber 450 x 200 x 100.

BUTT height-adjustable docking buffers

BUTT type SAP-H300-HA height-adjustable semi-automatic heavy-duty docking buffers

  • Welded steel construction primed and painted in RAL 5010
  • Incl. integrated special shock absorber for top position return Height range 300 mm.
  • Unlocking via hand pull cord – 45/20/10 rectangular rubber buffer screwed into the docking area
  • The buffer is held in the lower position by an electromagnet.
  • A light barrier covers the docking area. As soon as the HGV has left the dock shelter, the magnet releases the buffer. This ensures that the buffer is always in the upper docking position when an HGV is docked. - The buffer is pressed down by the customer.


Special heavy-duty docking buffer

BUTT special heavy-duty docking buffers for docking points on buildings and dock houses developed for the loading industry. The heavy-duty docking buffer absorbs strong collision forces and serves as collision protection for building components such as front-facing façades.

Galvanised steel protection plate and galvanised steel frame

BUTT docking buffers with galvanised steel protection plate and galvanised steel frame to absorb collision and shear forces.

BUTT steel protective edging

BUTT docking buffers with hot-dip galvanised steel protection plate to prevent increased wear on the buffer.

BUTT spring steel buffer

BUTT docking buffers with steel protective frame for ideal protection for the rubber material. Prevents the buffer from tearing off.

BUTT plug-in docking buffer

BUTT spring steel buffers with two integrated power stops for optimum damping.

BUTT plug-in docking buffer

BUTT plug-in docking buffers, welded at the ramp edge. Buffers of approx. 80 mm width and approx. 300 mm length are mounted on both pipe profiles.

BUTT special buffers

Butt special buffer, to protect the concrete facade.